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June 06 2017


Some Long-Running Models Remain Favorites Among Springfield-Area Car Buyers

While there are plenty of upstarts and newcomers worth considering, some of the best new cars in Springfield Missouri today are longtime favorites. Japanese manufacturer Honda, for example, has been making certain of its models for decades now, and recent releases of these stalwarts have wowed reviewers and owners alike. Those buying a new car in Springfield Missouri at the moment might be tempted to focus on models that have only come onto the market recently, but that can turn out to be a mistake. Long-running lines like Honda's Civic and Accord have evolved so much over the years that they are anything but old fashioned today. In fact, cars like these rank among the highest when it comes to metrics like reliability and owner satisfaction, meaning that just about every buyer will want to at least have a look.

Of the new cars in Springfield Missouri that first-time buyers focus on, the Civic remains a particular favorite. Honda's Civic has become legendary over the years as a highly reliable starter car, with many used models retaining impressive resale value even after a hundred thousand miles on the road. Coupled with a price tag that represents impressive value in every case, that has helped make the Civic in its various trims a top choice for younger buyers for a very long time.

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Even so, today's Civic also has plenty to offer of other kinds, as well. The performance oriented trims of the Civic remain favorites of those who are seeking a zippy, entertaining ride on a budget, with some owners being happy to add on many thousands of dollars' worth of improvements. The Hybrid version of the Civic was the first car to receive some of the most demanding American environmental certifications, and remains a top choice among buyers who weight such features heavily in their own purchasing equations.

Another of the most popular new cars for sale in Springfield Missouri is the Honda Accord, a vehicle that represents a natural step up from the Civic for many. More spacious and generally more refined, the Accord carries a slightly higher price tag in most analogous configurations. At the same time, it too represents an impressive enough value that it regularly tops "Best Buy" lists, even for the more expensive option packages that start to compete with low-end luxury segment cars. Between choices like these and others, those shopping for a new car in the Springfield area today will always do well to pay plenty of attention to models that have been around for a while.
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